Entering the design process, our cooperation is based on a detailed analysis of needs and expectations, paying particular attention to individual guidelines. Our offer includes a variety of interior designs, which are created by a team of professionals who combine imagination with thorough knowledge and years of experience.


We specialize in the arrangement and design of interiors for both private and commercial Investors. We try our best to match the interior to the nature of our client's business, as well as the habits and ways of operation of the users of the space. We create solutions that meet functional requirements, and at the same time are consistent and aesthetic.

Range of services

Entering the design process, our cooperation is based on a detailed analysis of needs and expectations, paying particular attention to individual guidelines.

Oferta -wnętrza - Grupa RB


Based on the analysis of needs, we prepare a proposal for the functional layout of the interior, based on the authentic dimensions, while observing the principles of ergonomics and optimal use of space, so as to best show the potential of the place. Our concept includes:

Concepts of the functional layout of the interior,
Proposals for aesthetic, material, color, lighting and decorative solutions, in the form of mood boards,
Designer – Investor consultations for perfect matching of needs.

You gain:

  • 3D visualization of the interior with a preliminary proposal of colors, materials, furniture and details.
  • Getting to know the potential of the interior
  • Changes in the layout of partition walls
  • Optimal settings of furniture and equipment.
Oferta -wnętrza - Grupa RB


We prepare detailed technical documentation of the project, with dimensions and implementation description for contractors, necessary at the stage of implementation.

You gain:

  • Precise documentation that will facilitate the implementation of the project
  • Guidance on all aspects of the arrangement, ensuring a comprehensive approach
  • Professional assistance in the selection of appropriate materials and technical solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions for fit-out, arrangement and adaptation of interiors, for various types of commercial buildings, regardless of their nature and scale. We offer a model of investment implementation in the “Design-Build” formula.

You gain:

  • consistency in project implementation
  • cost and time optimization
  • control over every stage of the project
  • professional advice and support


Projekt kantyny Kaufland - Grupa RB

04.Multidiscipline design -
of interior finishes

We prepare detailed technical documentation of the project, which is an essential tool at the stage of implementation. Our offer includes a comprehensive approach to interior design, where every detail is carefully considered and planned.

You gain:

  • Consistency in the implementation of the project
  • Professional coordination of works
  • Saving time and effort by centrally managing the construction process
  • Minimized risk of errors and delays through effective coordination of various trades
Projekt wnętrza pokoju hotelowego - Grupa RB

05. Visualizations

We make visualizations of the rooms included in the project according to the selected concept and style from the mood boards. Visualizations with a view of the concept, finishing materials used, the set/proposed color scheme and illustrative furniture equipment, both designed to size and also ready-made.

You gain:

  • A set of drawings for contractors with dimensions
  • Realization of the vision of the apartment
  • Summary of costs
  • List of places to purchase products (stationary and online)
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We provide comprehensive coordination of the work (including making and coordinating orders and purchases of finishing materials, furniture and other elements of interior design), site visits and control of compliance and correctness of the work performed with the accepted design at all stages of the work, taking care of timeliness and quality of execution. Our team of architects and trade designers ensures the smooth progress of the construction process.

You gain:

  • Time and guarantee of the effect – we take over the duties related to the control of works.
  • Certainty of conformity of the effect with the project
  • Satisfaction from the realization of the vision of a coherent interior
Projektowanie uzytkowe i grafika -zakres oferty Grupa RB

07.Utility design -
and graphics

We pay special attention to the individuality and uniqueness of our interior design projects. Our approach is based not only on the professionalism and skills of our architects, but also on their creativity and passion, which allows us to enrich our projects with unique artistic elements – we also specialize in furniture design, graphic design and painting.

Utility Design: We create solutions that perfectly meet the needs of users.

Graphic Design: We take care of every detail, including the aesthetics of the interior and the appropriate selection of decorative elements and accessories that give the interior an individual character.

Furniture Design: We design furniture tailored to your needs and preferences, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

You gain:

  • A perfectly designed and functional interior
  • Aesthetic graphic solutions that give the interior character and uniqueness
  • Full support in creating a space tailored to your needs and preferences service
  • Furniture designed with your needs in mind