Grupa RB on Radio LUZ: #culture broadcast: Grupa RB and profession: architect

Recently, we had the opportunity to appear on Radio LUZ in the program culture. Experts from Grupa RB: Anna Brok – Business Development Director | Partner and Mateusz Biernacki Architect | Designer from Grupa RB  spoke with Maja Kozowska about the challenges of the industry, education, the responsibilities of the architectural profession and more.

▪ How to consciously look at architecture?
▪ What challenges do architects face on a daily basis?
▪ What do an architect and a lawyer have in common?
▪ What is the recipe for a cohesive team?
▪ Why is it so important for us to educate and create awareness about architecture in society?

✅ The entire conversation is now available on Spotify: LINK

Radio LUZ, Maja Kozowska – thank you for the interview!

We invite you to listen to the interview!

Grupa RB w Radio Luz